Our Green Dry Cleaning Service Will Come To You!

Our convenient dry cleaning delivery service is one of the most experienced in lower Westchester and Southern Connecticut.
To schedule a FREE pick-up, please fill out the form below. For all other inquiries, Please call one of the two numbers below based on your location:
Westchester Area: 914-341-1313.
Stamford Area: 203-504-8730

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost more to use the pick up/delivery service?
No. There is no difference in pricing if you use the home delivery service.  The service is free, with the added convenience of saving time and gas. We are as close as your front door!

Does someone have to be home in order to use our delivery service?

No.  Pick-up and delivery will be made as per your instructions.  Please call for further details.

How is payment handled?

You have two options for payment: you can pay by check or by automatic credit card payment.

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